COWA CUTTER MPC-40 Chipper Shredder

Introducing the latest residential / light commercial-duty chipper shredder from Japan. Capable of processing branches up to a maximum limb diameter of 40mm, this model features a unique cylindrical cutter with spiral blade that is equally effective for processing weeds, vines and leaves, etc and has a feeding roller which provides steady material feeding. This unit provide excellent chipping capability in a light-weight, compact frame.

  • Light Specifications

    – MPC40 is a cylinder cutter based chipper. It can chop up the branches with leaves and small branches attached, no need for trimming.

    – Capable of cutting not only branches, but also vines, weeds, and wild grasses.

    – Our unique spiral cutting blade has long lasting life.

    – MPC40 is equipped with feeding roller, which provides steady material feeding.

    – Made in Japan

  • Detailed Specifications

    Model No.: MPC-40
    Moving Method: Cart type
    Dimensions (mm): 1,255 × 625 × 1,045
    Dry weight (kg): 88
    Engine: HONDA GX-160
    Cutting style: Cylinder Cutter w/ Spiral blades (900 ~ 1000rpm)
    Cutting Length (mm): Approx. 9, 90
    Cutting speed (m³/h): 4
    Maximum diameter (mm): Dry (30) / Raw (40)
    Good for: Branches, weeds, bamboos, vines, etc.

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